Review 2014

Conference identity • logo design

Review 2014

Visual identity created for an event held in the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, promoting critical debate concerning the role of German foreign policy amidst today’s challenging geopolitical environment.

A fresh look at German foreign policy

The brief was to convey a new perspective on the view of the world and Germany’s role within it. Having established the need to feature countries in the design, we wanted to present the world in an unconventional, yet recognisable way. This led to the concept of a ‘Dymaxion Map’ — the first ever 3D approximation of a globe laid out as a flat net conceived by Buckminster Fuller in 1954. In light of ‘Review’ and the original idea behind Fuller’s projection, the logo was kept minimal and fresh, achieving its main objectives: a fresh perspective on the world, and a new perspective on German foreign policy. 

© The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller, All Rights reserved. “The Transformation Scenario” drawing courtesy of Pat Chipman.

Buckminster Fuller in 1943. Photo: Andreas Feininger.

Review logo constructed as an icosahedron.

Dymaxion Map used under license from the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Project collaboration with Lucid.Studio

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