Karhu IPA

Karhu is a Finnish beer brand owned by the Sinebrychoff brewery, part of the Carlsberg Group. Karhu, meaning bear in Finnish, is renowned for its full-bodied taste.

A Bear Reborn

McCabe Brands were approached by Sinebrychoff to develop a new craft beer proposition for Karhu, tasked to create a different and contemporary take on the famous and much-loved bear logo for their new Frontier and Wilderness craft IPAs.

This led to a series of vector illustrations reimagining the bear’s form in a variety of styles. The principal Karhu letterforms were retained, with minor refinements, set in black at 90° with drop shadow removed. The pack colours were inverted from the traditional black to a simple and clean design of white and gold, featuring a dedicated back-of-pack story.

Project collaboration with Christoph Stolberg and McCabe Brands Ltd.

Work produced whilst at McCabe Brands Ltd, and is the property of Sinebrychoff.



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