Creative pitch・Mockup visuals

Establish Harman Kardon as a leading premium audio brand by creating an international experiential program celebrating the product aesthetic, engage consumer sensibilities, drive brand awareness and generate sales.



Introducing the world’s first bio-acoustic gin by harman/kardon.

An elegant bottle inspired by harman/kardon’s Citation 100 speaker.

Jazz, classical & blues.
Sophisticated, premium & playful.

h/k’s Citation range will help grow the world’s first range of bio-acoustic gin. Each gin’s botanics will be grown in a controlled hydroponic environment, to three different musical genres.

Three genres, three gins and three unique tastes.




Then we’ll take our sound/taste experience on tour.

Highline. New York City

Granary Square. London

Petuel Park. Munich

Agency: Doner London・Role: Senior Designer

Concepts & Copyrighting by Kostie Kontorravdis & Tom Kemp
Pitch collaboration with Joshua Smith

Work produced whilst at Doner London.


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